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About Kids get money

Preparing Kids for a Financially Positive Future

A third of Australians are financially illiterate. That’s over 8 million people who don’t understand money basics: like how interest works, how to set a household budget, how to achieve a savings goal or pay off debt.

Millions of people are living in poverty and financial distress and unfortunately the situation isn’t improving - in fact it’s getting worse.

For everyone to live a financially positive life, they need to be taught essential money skills before they launch into adulthood. We wish we'd been taught them, and so does everyone we speak to about Kids Get Money. But it's still not happening.

That's why we created Kids Get Money. Our online education programs make learning about money easy and fun for kids - at home or at school. Our teacher-designed lessons focus on real-life money skills so kids learn good financial habits early.

At Kids Get Money we believe that every child deserves a financially positive future.
Our promise

We are fiercely independent - we’re not a bank

You wouldn’t trust a tech giant to teach your kids about privacy. Don’t trust a bank to teach them about money.

You’ve probably seen the bank-owned products and apps that promise to teach your child about money. Truth bomb: What they’re actually designed to do is turn your child into a future customer of that bank (we used to work for ‘em, so we know their wily ways).

A bank’s corporate purpose is to make money and satisfy shareholders. So how can they provide an independent money education to your child? (Hint: they can’t.)

We’re not a bank. We’re a fiercely independent, financial literacy educator. All we do is teach kids about money. And we’re awesome at it! Our fun money lessons have been developed by teachers, not the financial services industry. 

No vested interests. No products to plug. Just an essential money-smart education your child will use for life.

Founder Story

Our founder Story and Kids Get Money

Our founder and CEO Annette Rose, grew up living below the poverty line. It was miserable and hard, and the scars that poverty leaves are deep. For many people, it's a cycle that never ends. But she was one of the fortunate ones.

Through a combination of luck, education, and grit, Annette is in a different position now. But unlike her, there are over 3.3 million people in Australia living in poverty. 761,000 of those are children. That’s 1 in 6 kids.

Annette knew that we can’t rely on luck to turn things around. Instead, to break the cycle, we have to start with education. And it has to start early - before young people venture out into their adult lives.

Kids Get Money provides the opportunity for kids to build up a scaffold of knowledge and skills over the years they are at school. So that when they’re ready to head out into the world, that knowledge is as ingrained in them as reading, spelling and mathematics. It’s the real money education Annette wished she had.

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